Investors are looking at feasible and actionable transition plans. Businesses that do nothing lose investors and customers.

Climate risk is complex and intertwined with many business aspects, making action and knowing what to do difficult. 15Rock provides fast and state of the art assistance to leading firms globally with our unique AI platform and massive climate datasets.

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Climate risk is complicated

15Rock is here to keep it simple.

Please don't waste time and resources on a firm that you need to educate on your problem and takes months to deliver a non-actionable plan.

15Rocks AI platform, which has processed thousands of businesses worldwide, simplifies reporting, positioning, data gathering, and abatement plans. We're happy to demonstrate.

Our actionable results save time and money.

Is gathering data time-consuming and complex?

Operational and supplier data collection can take months. Reporting and dataset maintenance take even longer.  

We can cut the time of existing efforts by up to 90%.

Are investors asking variations of the same questions?

Due to the complexity of transition plans, many businesses have difficulty processing sustainability reports to meet various standards.  

To outperform competitors in climate reporting, 15Rock facilitates reporting and alignment to multiple standards.

Are there too many frameworks to follow?

Align to CDP, SBTi, ISSB, and many others quickly and easily.

Is tracking updates across the firm difficult?

Competitors, climate innovations, and government policies are all undergoing rapid transformations.  This generates new threats and opportunities.

Annual reporting is insufficient.

It's so frustrating when our competitors make NetZero pledges with no plans and their valuation jump while we have to educate investors that we have realistic goals with actual achievable plans.

Director of Investor Relations & Sustainability
Major REIT Firm

Access the database of leading companies’ ESG projects

Easily access up to 86,000 company-level reports that detail the financial results of specific climate scenarios.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics
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How it works?

Easily share your progress as you accomplish your Climate goals.



  • Automated, self-service onboarding of your portfolio.
  • White glove service to onboard if you require assistance.
  • Reminders and notifications on progress to ensure you are always up to date.



  • Process massive datasets to research and understand risk. Detect greenwashing easily.
  • A simple approach that aligns to all major frameworks.
  • Data-driven so it can be plugged in seamlessly with your existing analysis.



  • Generate your own reports within the tool.
  • Export data and leverage your own preferred analytics tools.
  • Share internally or externally. You are in control.

After realising we couldn't collect all the data, we prioritized 2% of our suppliers. Their data made us doubt their plans. 15Rock helps us evaluate plans, claims, and even provides enhancements that we share with our supplier. It's win-win.

Global head of sustainability
Major retailer

Your clients and investors require Climate plans

Become a leader in climate action and provide actionable plans as well as plans that are aggressively reviewed by 15Rock for greenwashing.

Commit and align

  • Add company ESG projects and goals in under five minutes...for free.
  • Share with your firm for group collaboration to hit your KPIs.
  • Mobilize your entire firm to contribute ideas to achieve your impact targets.
  • Enjoy machine learning-driven report processing to get the information you need with ease.

Analyze and prioritize

  • Review our library of over 1,000 projects from leading companies all over the world to get project ideas.
  • Take advantage of AI-assisted data-driven forecasts.
  • Export the data via our API and excel plugin (coming soon!) to leverage your existing analysis tools.
  • Find transition risks and address them quickly & easily.

Engage and execute

  • Answer all common investor questions.
  • Create tailored FAQs for each project for maximum efficiency.
  • Enjoy company benchmarking, showing your progress in relation to your competitors.
  • Easily share performance reports with key stakeholders.

Our Benefits

Gain a competitive edge by moving at the speed of business and unlocking insights in minutes, not days or weeks!


Use AI to generate reports 300 times faster than traditional human-only businesses, with significantly higher quality.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics


Enjoy a simple and flexible model that accommodates a variety of reporting frameworks.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics

White glove

White glove service to help you get moving if you hit any roadblocks.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics


It has to be easy to make progress. Sleek integration capabilities across your organization to maximize your impact and efficiency.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics


Direct support with a team that has over 20 years of financial market experience.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics

Save time

Save time for collecting data. Don't manage spreadsheets, focus on your business. 300x faster.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics

Focused pilots

While other companies charge an arm and a leg before demonstrating anything of value, we offer reasonably priced pilots to earn your trust.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics


Create a positive impact without being distracted from your regular day job.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics

The tool is so versatile that it can also be used to monitor supply chain changes.

We spend so much time with investors sending us different templates or asking us slightly different variations of the same question. The fundamental question is the same, they want to know our plans & progress on those plans.

ESG IR Manager