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Climate Risk Modelling

Cutting-edge solutions for impact analytics.

Manage Risk and Improve Returns

Portfolio Management

Support Internal ESG Decision Making

Track Environmental Performance

Take the Lead in Climate Risk Management

Begin your journey towards effective climate risk management and sustainable financial prosperity with 15Rock.

Navigate the Complexity of Climate Risk

Equip yourself with advanced tools to overcome the challenges in climate risk analysis and make more informed and sustainable investment decisions.

Create a Robust and Sustainable Financial Future

Address the financial risks related to climate change and drive long-term value creation with 15Rock's sophisticated climate risk management platform, designed to build resilient and future-ready portfolios.

Harness Groundbreaking Climate Risk Technology

Discover the transformational potential of our AI-powered climate risk management platform, expertly designed to deliver deep insights and optimize your financial decision-making process.

Unlock Intelligent Climate Risk Management

Achieve Tangible Outcomes with 15Rock

Partner with 15Rock to:

  • Reduce risk exposure while aligning with investor mandates
  • Win more investment mandates by demonstrating state-of-the-art climate risk management
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and avoid reputational risks linked to greenwashing

Investors use data to make decisions.
Why is impact any different?

Leverage the state of the art tools that the biggest firms in impact are using. By leveraging technology, they are able to have their team focus on their  differentiating research and decision-making while using our data as an input into their existing processes.

Portfolio Risk

Find the needle in the haystack using the most advanced portfolio analytics tools.

Company Analytics

Select the best companies based on your perspective and goals.

Elevate your investment strategy by integrating 15Rock's innovative climate risk insights to achieve unparalleled results.


15Rock's platform has equipped us with the insights and tools we need to navigate the complex landscape of climate risk, enabling more targeted decision-making and improving our risk management capabilities.

Major Global Asset Manager, NYC

Cutting-edge solutions for impact analytics

Refine your messaging and strategy with science based and machine learning driven analytics.

Manage Risk and Improve Returns

Optimize Environmental Risks according to your risk apatite, investments horizon and core values through our science based machine learning models.

Portfolio Management

15Rock's proprietary ESG Efficient Frontier has been created through a combination of Machine learning, Financial modeling, investor behavior and our unique data partners.

Support Internal ESG Decision making

Our evolving dataset and models support over 86,000 holdings across a 20 year history. The models take account of various environmental risk such as Transition Risk, Acute Risks, Physical Risks and Net Income at Risk

Track Environmental Performance

Track the environmental performance of your portfolio holdings through our custom indices and scoring engine. Covering historical environmental trends and providing insights towards netzero targets.

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