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15Rock provides consultants with the tools they need to make decisions and assist businesses in meeting their sustainability objectives.
Our public database shows what corporations are doing to reduce their environmental impact, as well as how they compare to their peers on metrics like carbon emissions and actionable transition execution.
ESG is Complicated. 15Rock is here to keep it Simple.
Companies and sustainability officers require transition reports. It is challenging to recognize and follow changes.
  • Quick spot problems by viewing the company portfolio as a whole.
  • Manage all ESG projects in one location.
  • Efficient reporting & simple sharing with stakeholders.
  • Optimize environmental risks based on your investments, core values, and risks.
  • Streamline critical reporting to all stakeholders regardless of reporting standard.
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The consultant's work spans multiple platforms and uses new software or websites to meet clients' demands. Various tools and reporting standards make data transfer inefficient.
15Rock's free platform connects projects, tools, and data for simple reporting.
Consultants can track their clients' sustainability actions to better align their impacts with their commitments or search 15Rock's database for competitors.
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  • User-friendly interface to enter and review data in seconds.
  • Get insights from ESG data that is collected in real-time and offers unique actionable strategies.
  • Set your parameters to instantly create a custom carbon scoring model. Adjust your parameter per client!
  • Access in-depth research of your investment manager's products to provide unique recommendations to your clients from those of your peers.
Join Projects Created by Major Companies
Our public database shows what companies aredoing to reduce their environmental impact and how they compare to other big industries.
Consultants assist companies to design and implementing new projects. While providing engaging investment reports and to better understanding of portfolio performance.
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