CRSD/ISSB Climate Reporting


Experience the future of climate reporting. Our AI-driven tool provides accurate, efficient, and comprehensive climate risk reports - absolutely free.

Custom tailored solutions, beyond just TCFD, CSRD, ISSB
Climate reporting across regions, languages and regulations
Target setting, progress tracking, and decarbonization insights
Accurate and auditable climate data

15Rock's free reporting platform saved us time and money, which we could use for our climate projects. Other firms quoted us over $100,000 for reports in which we have to do most of the work anyway.

Sustainability Director
Multinational retailer

You get an audit/investor grade TCFD/CSRD report for your company and supply chain in 3 simple steps. Free!

Create dozens of other reports in addition to TCFD reports, as well as industry-leading transition plans.



Securely upload your data and our AI gathers the relevant data to fill your reports. Saving you time.



Generate high-quality climate risk reports that meet global regulatory standards.



Set targets, track progress, and implement effective strategies to reduce emissions.

15Rock vs Other Platforms

Gain a competitive edge by moving at the speed of business and unlocking insights in minutes, not days or weeks!

Competitor A
Competitor B
Traditional Consulting
Risk Management
Quantify financial climate risk
Climate risk pricing model
Limited capabilities
No pricing models
Time intensive manual analysis
Climate scenario analysis
100s of holistic scenarios
Historical focus
Basic scenarios
Limiting, static scenarios
Real-time monitoring
Dynamic landscape insights
Periodic reports
Manual updates
Slow, periodic updates
Strategic Planning
Emissions reduction planning
Automated decarbonization strategies
Generic guidance
Partial capabilities
Custom strategies costly
Supply chain climate impact
Full supply chain risk analytics
Minimal visibility
Emerging capability
No transparency into suppliers
Reporting & Compliance
Custom reporting
Automated, tailored reporting
Manual customization
Highly manual process
Emerging regulations
Flexible, updates for new standards
Limited frameworks
Fixed standards
Costly consulting needed
Data privacy and security
Leading cloud security and compliance
Unclear controls
Varied by region
Consultant dependent policies
Analytics & Insights
Sophisticated analytics
Cutting edge AI and ML
Basic analytics
Basic analytics
Limited analytics depth
Anonymous, aggregated industry data
3rd party data
Custom benchmarks expensive
Financial impact
Models emissions' financial impact
Minimal capabilities
Basic carbon costing
Manual estimates prone to bias
Tracking & Accounting
Carbon accounting
Automated tracking and accounting
Varying quality
Strong capabilities
Inconsistent methodologies
Enablement & Support
Implementation and training
Full enablement resources
Limited resources
Steep learning curve
Ease of use
Intuitive, unified interface
Multiple systems
Average usability
Integration challenges
Greenwashing avoidance
Detects misleading claims
No capabilities
Partial detection
Consultant dependent
Expert validation
Combines AI and human expertise
Algorithm only
Some expert input
No validation process
System integrations
APIs and connectors to data sources
Limited capabilities
Strong integrations
Difficult to integrate
Affordable climate insights


Highly scalable across investors with a few holdings in a single fund to asset managers with hundreds of funds.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics

Target setting

Simple/flexible model that aligns to various reporting frameworks.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics

Connected to financials

White glove service to help you get moving if you hit any roadblocks.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics

Easy Integration

Endless integration opportunities across your firm and into pre-existing frameworks for effortless analysis and data compilation.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics


Crafted by industry leaders with over 20 years of financial market leadership and experience.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics


Harness the power of a single, centralized system over fragmented, inaccurate databases.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics


Save costs with our free tier system. No other platform gives you so much for free.

Climate reporting should be free.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics


Other solutions just collect data and charge you. 15Rock gives actionable and verifiable pathways based on your capabilities.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics
No catch or lock-in. Report for free.
We solve your climate reporting and pathways needs

Preferred by forward-thinking companies

Businesses around the globe are transitioning towards net zero emissions. Be part of the green economy transformation with 15Rock.

Award-winning climate risk platform

  • How leading investors and teams of all sizes monitor, manage, and position for climate risk and opportunities.
  • We are confident that our award-winning climate risk platform will revolutionize your reporting by leveraging AI to easily gather and process data at scale. We offer a free platform that gets you everything you need.
  • Utilize the leading explainable climate risk and reporting solution on the market to ensure that you can provide your stakeholders with the answers they need, rather than relying on subpar reporting/data.

A trusted solution

  • Our solution allows you to report to stakeholders, share reports, and align with regulatory standards with confidence and speed.
  • Our cutting-edge analytics and predictive models give you the actionable insights you require to make decisions and manage your risk exposure.
  • Take control of your climate risk and show your stakeholders you are serious.

Where evidence and capital converge

  • 15Rock is focused on helping you show meaningful action.
  • We use research-based approaches to help companies better understand their impact – both positive and negative.
  • Our deep experience in capital markets helps you build reports that align to investor expectations.

Why Choose 15Rock

We solve your climate reporting and pathways needs

Reliable Data You Can Trust

Our AI-driven tool provides the most accurate, audit-quality climate data, ensuring you can trust your reports.

Make Real Impact

15Rock is not just about reporting. We help you set targets, reduce emissions, and make a real difference in the fight against climate change.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Stay updated with the latest climate disclosure regulations and standards with our AI-powered tool.

Backed by Climate Leaders

Our team comprises climate experts, and business leaders, committed to supporting your journey towards a greener future.

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