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Customize and run targeted reports to create additional value for your clients and stakeholders through real-time ESG updates from top global brands and your portfolio companies.

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In-depth research and analysis to Safeguard your investments and ensure long-term viability

Employing expensive third-party vendors who ask for information you don't have, research ideas your team can find online, or use you to educate them before reselling it to your competitors?

Consider a climate-savvy AI copilot. Climate pledges boost a company's market value, but greenwashing and ineffective climate plans can negatively impact valuation.

15Rock helps leading asset owners and managers assess company risk and opportunity while reducing risk of greenwashing.

Award-winning climate risk platform

  • How leading investors and teams of all sizes monitor, manage, and position for climate risk and opportunities.
  • We are confident that our award-winning climate risk platform will revolutionize your investment management and reporting processes. To demonstrate our commitment, we offer a free trial.
  • Utilize the leading explainable climate risk solution on the market to ensure that you can provide your clients with the answers they need, rather than relying on subpar climate scores.

A trusted solution

  • Our solution allows you to diversify your portfolio, invest in green assets, and engage in climate-related risk management strategies with confidence and speed. With our platform, you can explore data and get answers in minutes, instead of hours or days.
  • Our cutting-edge analytics and predictive models give you the actionable insights you require to make decisions and manage your risk exposure.
  • Take control of your investments and protect your future with Climate Risk SaaS.

Where evidence and capital converge

  • 15Rock is an independent organization where evidence and capital converge for the public good.
  • We use research-based approaches to help companies and investors better understand their impact – both positive and negative.
  • An opportunity to attract new funding towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, increase the efficiency and reach of every dollar spent, and drive global progress towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Access the database of leading companies’ climate projects

Easily access up to 86,000 company-level reports that detail the financial results of specific climate scenarios.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics
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15Rock evaluated a firm that aggressively promoted its climate risk plans to us. 15Rock's AI understood the firm's climate better than they did, and the CEO was directly involved in signing off on the report. We gave the firm the report and are confident they now have a pathway.

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Let’s simplify climate’s impact on return analysis

We solve your every-day ESG analysis issues.

Manage portfolio risk

Climate risk is one of the biggest concerns for asset owners, and they are replacing managers who aren't taking the risks seriously.

Save time with detailed research

AI research changes the game. Imagine quickly and easily integrating AI-generated climate scenarios, hundreds of physical risk datasets, and policy and competitor behaviour monitoring. We can save time for your analyst.

Value Creation

Value creation is essential for companies to grow and discover new opportunities. Many aspects of our economy are being impacted by climate change, and AI-generated plans that adapt in real time can help you increase the value of your portfolio.

Attract new assets

Leading asset owners are allocating to investors with unprecedented climate, risk, and opportunity management capabilities. Place yourself in a position to attract these new assets.

Get clarity into your climate
with 15Rock

Start your impact journey right now and enjoy a free trial.

Our risk engine is the world's most advanced, employing cutting-edge financial risk and AI models to provide detailed pathways and risks before others.


We did not take climate into account as much as we would have liked because we do not fully comprehend the reasoning behind climate statements.

15Rock facilitates our understanding by connecting it to CapEX/OPEX and top-line revenue.

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15Rock gives you targeted insights
in 3 simple steps

Generate a positive environmental impact by becoming carbon neutral, step by step.



  • Automated portfolio onboarding to save you hours of manual scouring
  • White glove service for 1:1, manual onboarding... giving you the confidence you need to thrive
  • Regular progress updates are given in live time, giving you the most up-to-date data possible.



  • Live Analysis of UN SDG, related project KPIs and securities so that you can work confidently
  • Creation of a simplified approach that aligns with the flow of all major climate frameworks
  • Data-driven and formulated for easy use in any pre-existing analytical framework



  • Generate tailored reports, giving you the information you need in seconds
  • Export data for upload into your analytical tools
  • Share raw data with anyone you need to keep in the know - in just a few clicks.

Collect and learn

  • Encourage wide-scale ESG reporting by inviting your portfolio companies to report. It’s 100% free and easy to do
  • Get real-time updates on company KPIs, and enjoy automatic retargeting of your portfolio’s impact progress
  • Experience a white glove onboarding process for automated and seamless onboarding
  • Benefit from our machine learning-driven system to get the insights you need in seconds - every time

Analyze and prioritize

  • Get portfolio-level and fund of funds insights in one screen across asset classes
  • Enjoy AI-driven deep research and data-inclusive forecasts
  • Export data in seconds through our API x Excel plugin to implement into your current tech stack
  • Address transition risks quickly for higher overall yield


  • Leverage investor-only Q & A portals for quick answers to any question that you have
  • Manage your risks by joining other impact investors to gauge and vote on company questions and project ideas
  • Suggest projects or goals to companies to create a more targeted and widespread impact
  • Report in seconds to clients and internal stakeholders, amplifying your impact and utility in a single, seamless solution

Our Benefits

Gain a competitive edge by moving at the speed of business and unlocking insights in minutes, not days or weeks!


Highly scalable across investors with a few holdings in a single fund to asset managers with hundreds of funds.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics


Simple/flexible model that aligns to various reporting frameworks.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics

White glove

White glove service to help you get moving if you hit any roadblocks.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics


Endless integration opportunities across your firm and into pre-existing frameworks for effortless analysis and data compilation.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics


Crafted by industry leaders with over 20 years of financial market leadership and experience.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics


Harness the power of a single, centralized system over fragmented, inaccurate databases.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics

Free tier

Save costs with our free tier system. Get started with everything you need to manage transition risk.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics

Risk management

Begin creating impact today in tangible ways working in tandem with companies like yours - fueling your risk management opportunities.

Climate Financial Risk Analytics