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We're a global leader in climate risk management

We're a global leader in climate risk management.

We're a global leader in climate risk management and advisory services.

About us

15 Rock is a global leader in climate risk management and advisory services. We are fiduciaries to our clients and take that responsibility seriously.

We are heavily investing in our platform and technology in order to provide our clients with the most cutting-edge solutions while also inspiring our employees and supporting our local communities.
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Our name

People frequently inquire about our name. We named the company 15Rock after a zen garden in Kyoto, named  Ryōan-ji.

There are fifteen rocks there, but not all of them are visible at once.

There are many ideas about this garden but one saying is this zen garden was created to demonstrate how altering one's perspective results in an entirely different image. Things that were previously invisible have become visible, while previously visible objects have become obscured.
According to legend, enlightenment is defined as the ability to perceive all 15 rocks simultaneously.

Our mission is to leverage technology to provide perspective.

15Rock has created a visionary solution to address financial climate risk.

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Our values

All of our decisions at 15Rock are guided by our values. We make long-term decisions that we are proud of rather than purely financial ones. As a result, we are true community partners.

People's values matter

Investments are not inseparable from human values. Numerous exceptional investors understand this but struggle to obtain the data and analytics necessary to make decisions from this perspective. We are attempting to rectify this.

Communities matter

Businesses and investors have an obligation to the communities in which they operate. Customers want to know that their values and the actions of businesses are consistent.


Investment management has evolved to the point where technology plays a critical role. Systems capable of analyzing and providing insights on massive amounts of data are not a nice to have; they are central to our approach.

Team work

We respect one another's differences. True innovation and progress take place when disparate ideas collide. We would rather have unique individuals who do not fit in anywhere else than a culture where everyone is identical.

Our story

After years of working in trading and risk/valuation for global financial institutions, the two founders of 15Rock felt that investment management lacked true rigor when it came to climate risk.

They saw investors relying on external ratings or low quality research, and knew that something had to be done.

Investors who are data driven, seemed to ignore data to be in climate.

Climate change is one of the biggest investment opportunities in the world, and the team wanted to use their expertise in risk and valuation to help companies understand the cost of inaction and the potential upside of solving the problem.
With over 20 years of experience pricing everything from rates and options to corn and weather futures, they knew they could make a difference to price the risk.

This is a difficult and complex journey, but one that is essential for the future of our planet. We invite you to join us in this mission, and together we can make a real impact.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time that we can control.
We approach this problem very differently than others - we see climate as a valuation issue where there is a major price mismatch of inaction. There is high and growing cost of inaction that will cripple many companies and ultimately destabilize many economies.
Climate Risk
We model the risk and run hundreds of scenarios on assets all over the world using a scientifically validated framework with state of the art machine learning models.
By pricing the risk, we unlock the ability to transfer the risk to other parties, to measure counter-party risk and many, many others.
This is one of the hardest problems to solve within capital markets and our team loves working on this challenge with some of the world’s largest institutions and smartest minds to stop climate change from creating more suffering.

Our manifesto

At 15Rock, we believe that analytics and capital can be instrumental in advancing and bettering the world. We are committed to leveraging the most state of the art technology and financials models to explore paths that allow us to address the challenge of climate change and help mitigate the suffering of individuals.

Our risk engine is the most advanced on the planet, utilizing cutting-edge financial risk and AI models to provide assistance. We are developing a revolutionary risk platform that combines sophisticated analysis, machine learning, and science to account for the weather implications of companies' practices.

This platform is designed to augment and expand upon the traditional risk management methods that have been utilized for centuries, allowing for faster access to the answers you need.

We are confident that our approach can help investors and companies understand the economic impact of climate risk and provide them with ways to move forward and derisk. We are dedicated to helping reduce climate change and its resulting economic impact, while also creating economic growth through the adoption of climate solutions. We are committed to using our expertise to create a positive impact on the environment, without compromising our way of life.

At 15Rock, we are passionate about using technology, science, and investment capital to make the world a better place. We are confident that our approach can help us achieve this goal and make a lasting mark on the world.15Rock cannot do this alone, we need visionary leaders to partner with to stop climate change. Reach out and let's go on this journey together.

The team

Strategic Advisors

Bill Tilford

David Stier

Peter van Dijk

Justin Girard

Kartik Vamaraju

Michael Globe


Mark Wise


Zaib Nisa

Climate & Economic Researcher

Emma Chiu

Product Analyst

Esther Brown

Staff writer

Christina Levandowski

Staff writer

Francisco García


Mia Bilous

Product Analyst

Latish Chennamsetti

VP/Head of Platform System

Haji Khan

Frontend Engineer

Vahid Pourahmadi, Ph.D

Machine Learning Engineer

Jorge Euceda

Platform Engineer

Raquel Martinez