Our story starts with you

15Rock was founded on the premise that we can leverage technology to augment our perspective.

We believe that we all act in accordance with our values and that when we live in accordance with our values, we are happy.

Our modern frustrations are partly a result of these values not being reflected. We recognize that climate change and societal imbalances must be addressed, but are unsure of our ability to do so.

15Rock was founded on the belief that a group of committed engineers and researchers could assist you in making a difference by providing insights into which businesses reflect your values. Our goal is to provide you with information that will inspire you to initiate conversations and consider how you want to shape the world.

We are all on this journey for the planet together. We always want to talk with our users, reach out anytime.

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Our Name

People frequently inquire about our name. We named the company 15Rock after a zen garden in Kyoto, named  Ryōan-ji.

There are fifteen rocks there, but not all of them are visible at once.

There are many ideas about this garden but one saying is this zen garden was created to demonstrate how altering one's perspective results in an entirely different image. Things that were previously invisible have become visible, while previously visible objects have become obscured.

According to legend, enlightenment is defined as the ability to perceive all 15 rocks simultaneously.

Our mission is to leverage technology to provide perspective.

Our Technology view

While technology cannot solve all of our problems, it can assist us in making our world a better place. We believe that empowering people to make better choices will improve the world.

Our values

All of our decisions at 15Rock are guided by our values. We make long-term decisions that we are proud of rather than purely financial ones. As a result, we are true community partners.

People's values matter

Investments are not inseparable from human values. Numerous exceptional investors understand this but struggle to obtain the data and analytics necessary to make decisions from this perspective. We are attempting to rectify this.

Communities matter.

Businesses and investors have an obligation to the communities in which they operate. Customers want to know that their values and the actions of businesses are consistent.


Investment management has evolved to the point where technology plays a critical role. Systems capable of analyzing and providing insights on massive amounts of data are not a nice to have; they are central to our approach.

Team work

We respect one another's differences. True innovation and progress take place when disparate ideas collide. We would rather have unique individuals who do not fit in anywhere else than a culture where everyone is identical.


Gautam Bakshi

Head of Product & Engineering
Former: MD - Private Markets, Wealth & Asset Management, Manulife. Education: Ryerson University, Seneca College

Michael Globe

Head of Partnerships & Design
Former: Head of Platforms - Digital and Wealth, TD Bank Education: University of Western Ontario

Mahin Ali

Head of Financial Engineering & Data
Former: Credit Risk Analyst, CIBC Education: University of Toronto, University of London, University of Oxford