15Rock Alpha Lab

Custom solutions for your most pressing challenges.

In this new age, companies must imagine and invent their futures. Use our skills to get ahead faster.
15Rock wants to be the top technology partner in sustainability, climate, energy transition, financial risk, and valuation.

We help clients lead a wave of innovation and economic growth that protects the environment and promotes sustainability while boosting risk-adjusted financial valuations.
Our Capabilities / what we do
We are a team of seasoned experts in the fields of financial engineering, technology, machine learning, and climate science who focus on transition risk and valuation.

Our expertise, infrastructure, and cutting-edge tools allow us to provide bespoke solutions for our clients.

We are a group of highly skilled machine learning experts who use advanced analytics to aid in decision making.

Financial Engineering

Our financial engineers are dedicated to developing world-class climate financial models that provide you with unique insights into your risk/value.

Climate Science

We have Ph.D.s and academics who are dedicated to translating the most recent climate science into actionable insights.

Technology Engineering

We can quickly build solutions on top of our world-class platform, which is optimized to adapt to a changing world.

Our experts assist corporations in assessing projects and running scenarios to determine ROI.

We have a solid platform in place to manage data processing terabytes of data from market data, climate sensors, user data, and other sources .

15Rock Alpha Lab's mission

15Rock Labs is a group of inventors who create and launch technologies to improve business and lives. Our goal is a 10-fold impact on the world's toughest climate problems, not a 10% improvement. We approach projects with the ambition and risk of research and the speed of a startup.

Many ways to work with 15Rock AlphaLabs
15Rock leverages our world class team, partnerships and proprietary platform to support clients on their net-zero journey.

Reach out and see how we can help.