Why does 15Rock exist?
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March 7, 2023
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Why does 15Rock exist?

We enable corporations and investors to quickly gather, collect, analyze and report ESG data for free.

We interviewed over 100 investors who consider sustainable investing to be necessary to their work.

They all agreed that the problem with sustainable investing was understanding a company's plans and progress within the context of their emissions and NetZero target. However, media reports indicate that most NetZero pledges either do not add to NetZero or are not adequately aligned to respective targets.

The main problem is that companies cannot easily share their data for stakeholders to understand. The challenge of sharing data correctly creates frustration for companies.

This is an action problem, not a data or framework problem. Most of the impact work isn't being done, and firms with significant resources are dedicated to data management, not creating change.

For example, if I told you that I wanted to lose weight but didn't know my target weight, my current weight, or how long it would take me, would you be optimistic about my chances of success? Most businesses have strong goals, but they find it hard to communicate them effectively. We solved this problem by using highly adaptable technology and an open methodology.

What is the point of having a complex solution that leaves people confused and further delays action? 15Rock has solved this by providing a straightforward, cost-effective, and fast-to implement solution. Our solution meets client expectations, which eliminates the need for clients to use spreadsheets.

We made something better by taking what was there and making it simpler. We worked with people across the company who make decisions to create something that makes it easier for people to make decisions quickly. We removed anything that gets in the way of people making decisions so they can rely on real numbers.

If this is interesting to you or you'd like to learn more please sign up for free or reach out to us via our contact page. We'd love to chat to learn your perspective on this major problem for humanity.