Should we divest or engage fossil fuel companies?
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March 7, 2023
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Should we divest or engage fossil fuel companies?

If you were a major global investor, should you sell fossil fuel companies if you want to make the world green?

15Rock is committed to providing an objective andcomprehensive understanding climate risk as financial risk. Our platform isdesigned to enable users to explore the issue with their own assumptions anddraw their own conclusions.

We will take a hypothetical case study; let's pretend we areCalpers and we are being asked to divest from fossil fuel firms. Should wedivest or should we engage with the fossil fuel firms?

We will have 2 assumptions in the study:

1.    We do not want to lose money

2.    We want to reduce and stop climate change

 To this end, we will use a range of tools, including

-      portfolio analysis,

-      company analysis,

-      climate scenarios, and

-      intent analysis

 With this small subset of tools, we can demonstrate how onecan gain a unique insight into better understanding the climate-related capitalat risk, as well as whether it is possible to derisk it.

We would appreciate your thoughts on our research; most ofthe features we show are available within our free tier of our platform. Feelfree to explore and come to your own conclusions.