Harnessing AI-Powered Solutions for Sustainable Pension Plan Management: A Case Study
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June 25, 2023
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Harnessing AI-Powered Solutions for Sustainable Pension Plan Management: A Case Study

Pension plan managers and asset owners can revolutionize their sustainability reporting approach using AI.


The rising significance of responsible investing has driven asset owners and investment managers to consistently monitor and evaluate the environmental influence of their portfolios. Conventional techniques for collecting, assessing, and reporting sustainability data are labor-intensive and time-consuming. In this case study, we showcase the immense advantages of incorporating advanced AI-powered solutions, like 15Rock's Athena platform, to enable prompt, accurate, and all-encompassing sustainability reporting for pension plans and asset owners.

The Challenge: Time-Consuming Manual Sustainability Reporting

A prominent pension plan had a diverse portfolio of investments comprising farms, real estate, listed equities, debt, and private equity holdings. The Head of Responsible Investing was tasked with compiling data on carbon emissions, waste generation, water usage, and executive diversity from various sources to produce a detailed report on the plan's entire sustainability footprint.

However, manual collection and reporting of inputs across several sources proved to be tedious and time-consuming, leading to inefficiencies and slower decision-making.

The AI-Driven Solution: 15Rock's Athena Platform

15Rock's Athena emerged as the perfect answer, employing AI-driven data gathering, analysis, and reporting generation. Here's how Athena tackled the challenges faced by the pension plan manager:

Automated Data Collection

Athena automatically aggregated operating metrics and utilized existing databases for listed securities to estimate carbon emissions, considerably streamlining the data collection process for the diverse pension plan portfolio.

Comprehensive Reporting

Athena consolidated all required data points and created a detailed sustainability impact report for the entire plan, offering valuable insights to guide responsible investment choices.

Time and Resource Efficiency

With cutting-edge AI handling the data collection and report generation, the pension plan manager saved substantial time and resources, enabling them to concentrate on strategic decision-making and responsible investing initiatives execution.

Scalability and Adaptability

Athena's AI-powered platform can be customized to meet individual pension plan or asset owner needs, providing tailored solutions to tackle specific challenges across different portfolios.

Conclusion: Embrace AI's Potential for Sensible Reporting

By adopting advanced AI technologies like 15Rock's Athena platform, pension plan managers and asset owners can revolutionize their sustainability reporting approach, thereby enhancing efficiency and scalability in managing responsible investments. Automating intricate processes empowers investment professionals to hold managers and operating companies accountable for higher environmental stewardship standards, fostering a greener and more responsible future for everyone.

Don't miss out on the transformational power of AI-enhanced sustainability reporting. Request a demo of 15Rock's Athena platform today and elevate your responsible investing practices.