Climate Risk Solutions for Net-Zero Transition Finance Strategies
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June 26, 2023
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Climate Risk Solutions for Net-Zero Transition Finance Strategies

Fuel your organization's net-zero journey with 15Rock's pioneering climate risk solutions

As governments and industry players worldwide strive to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, the crucial role of transition finance cannot be ignored. Traditional green projects alone will not suffice in reaching net-zero targets. For instance, in Asia, coal plants account for 60% of electricity generation, underscoring the need for transition finance strategies to decarbonize high-emitting industries. This is where 15Rock's innovative climate risk solutions can revolutionize the way companies navigate their net-zero journey.

Managing Risk and Decarbonizing High-Emission Portfolios with AI

15Rock's state-of-the-art climate risk platform empowers asset owners and management firms like Ninety One to make more informed and sustainable investment decisions. Combining the power of AI with hundreds of climate scenarios, 15Rock accurately prices climate risks, reflects them in financial analysis at both company and portfolio levels, and offers TCFD reports and strategic decarbonization plans tailored to each company's unique needs and challenges.

By providing a deeper understanding of climate risks and the impact of transition finance strategies, 15Rock's platform is a game-changer for investors seeking to reduce their exposure to high-emitting sectors while simultaneously aligning with investor mandates and regulatory compliance requirements.

Collaborative Decarbonization Planning for a Sustainable Future

Transition finance requires robust assessment frameworks that help asset managers evaluate the credibility and feasibility of target companies' transition plans. 15Rock's AI-driven platform facilitates the appraisal of targets, capital allocation strategies, and technology dependencies, enabling greater collaboration between the asset manager and the targeted company.

Such collaboration is vital to achieving net-zero targets, as exemplified by Ninety One's work with high-emitting companies across sectors such as motor vehicle manufacturing, mining, and energy. By leveraging 15Rock's advanced climate risk analysis tools and dynamic decarbonization plans, asset managers can better support companies as they strive to establish robust targets and practical transition strategies that drive genuine, measurable results for a greener planet.

Accelerating Progress towards Net-Zero Emissions with 15Rock

An effective multi-pronged approach to reach net-zero emissions demands not only a strong focus on decarbonizing existing industries but also active investment in emerging market transitions and innovative climate solutions. 15Rock's AI-powered platform opens the door to a new era of climate risk management and transition finance strategies – a sustainable future driven by unprecedented data-driven insights and actionable intelligence.

Fuel your organization's net-zero journey with 15Rock's pioneering climate risk solutions and embark on a path of responsible investment and transformative change. Begin your partnership with 15Rock today and take the lead in positioning your organization for long-term, sustainable success.

Ready to explore the untapped potential of transition finance and advanced climate risk solutions? Connect with us at 15Rock and discover how our AI-powered platform can elevate your organization's sustainable investment strategies and sharp insight into the future of green finance.