15Rock Launches Breakthrough AI Tool to Simplify Sustainability Reporting for SMEs
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September 13, 2023
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15Rock Launches Breakthrough AI Tool to Simplify Sustainability Reporting for SMEs

Free climate reporting for SME's

Climate analytics leader 15Rock today announced the launch of its AI-powered sustainability reporting solution in beta. The first 100 SMEs to participate will receive complimentary AI access.  

This groundbreaking tool leverages 15Rock's database of over 86,000 companies and thousands of climate plans to generate customized sustainability reports. It provides guidance aligned with major ESG frameworks like TCFD,CSRD, and many others, saving SMEs up to 99% on reporting costs versus expensive consultants.

"Sustainability reporting should empower, not burden SMEs," said 15Rock CEO Gautam Bakshi. "We're thrilled to offer an inexpensive automated way to help small businesses comply with intensifying regulatory demands."

The announcement comes on the heels of 15Rock's inclusion in UN Environment Programme and EDCI climate solutions registries. "These endorsements confirm the effectiveness of our innovations," Bakshi added. "We look forward to helping SMEs worldwide improve ESG transparency and meet mandatory reporting requirements."

The platform is forever free for people simply open to reporting by answering questions themselves, there will be a add on fee for using 15Rock's state of the art custom AI model backed by their large climate database. 15Rock invites SMEs to be among the first to try its AI reporting solution free-of-charge during beta testing. General availability follows at just $150 per month for unlimited reports. Sign up for free - https://app.15rock.com/signup

If interested please sign up for free or watch our tutorial to see the power:

About 15Rock: 15Rock, recognized by the UN and EDCI, provides industry-leading climate risk analytics. Its AI simplifies sustainability measurement for SMEs, saving time and money while enabling regulatory compliance.