Michael Globe

Head of Partnerships & Design

Former: Head of Platforms - Digital and Wealth, TD Bank Education: University of Western Ontario Meet Michael Globe, a key member of the 15Rock team.

In a flash, over 2 decades at the TD Bank saw Michael rise through the ranks from the Bond desk to an executive in TD’s Digital Channels. He provided vision, leadership and mentoring to his teams. Together they ran TD’s largest digital properties - Insurance, Wealth and North American Banking. Along the way Michael earned the admiration of his peers and received three Awards of Excellence. He was also granted the elite Vision in Action award for his leadership on the digital transformation of TD’s WebBroker to best in class. His creative, visionary side earned him personal credit for three bank patents.

Michael has built a reputation for generating strong, digitally innovative, data driven, end to end product strategies. A focus on prioritizing customer challenges and maximizing company value has been integral to success. Michael is a respected relationship builder, skilled at seeing future possibilities, then obtaining buy-in to generate strong results time after time. A visionary leader able to plan the future, build the team to see the vision through, and strong agile delivery experience to make it happen.

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Michael Globe

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