Generating Climate

The power to shape the future

Easily find and invest in climate solutions

Finding the needle in the haystack has never been easier.

You can use cutting-edge machine learning and a highly skilled team of climate experts to turn climate risk to climate solutions.

To help you find next-generation climate solutions companies, 15Rock processes an unprecedented 86,000 companies worldwide and connects them to climate scientifically and economically validated climate solutions.
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  • Easily integrate companies working on climate solutions within your analysis, risk management and portfolio construction.
  • What your trusted peers are saying:
  • "Risks due to climate change could be the biggest disruptive factor for the value and income-generating potential of assets. 15Rock’s proprietary database comprises a rich history of global companies, which offer solutions to address climate risks.
    Global Head of Research, Major Global Asset Manager
  • We use this tool to construct an institutional investment grade portfolio and have been able to overlay our unique capabilities over 15Rock’s solution.

    Chief investment officer, Investment Manager, +2B AUM
  • We have been trying to do this for over two years, and our solution failed. We reverted to doing this manually, but the resource cost quickly exceeded our budgets. 15Rock’s solution saves us money and the green revenue  solution saves our internal teams a lot of time

    Partner, Investment Manager, +1B AUM
  • It does not have to so difficult to find climate oriented firms. You can quickly build your own custom portfolio.
  • Reach out for a white glove pilot.
  • Find solutions to help achieve your climate goals and also help yourvendors/suppliers reach their goals. You reduce the exposure
  • What solution-oriented companies say:
  • We are under the global spotlight from the media and regulators around our climate risk. The green revenue solution helps us quickly help our partners find solution providers to help them reduce their scope 1, thereby reducing our scope 3.

    Sustainability Decarbonization Lead, Big 5 Technology companies.
  • We have many areas of our business that need help quickly to reach our climate goals. The green revenue solutions help us find providers without spending time calling around for weeks/months.

    Chief Sustainability Officer, Major global manufacturing firm.
  • 15Rock has developed a truly visionary solution to address one of our most pressing challenges. I love that this tool has such a large global dataset.

    Head of Corporate Transformation, Top 20 largest global bank

Our clients are focused on enabling this historical shift -- they’re busy helping fightclimate change while generating alpha

Our pilot includes white glove service so starting has never been easier.

Power Earth

Climate change is not only one of the biggest threats to humanity, but the resulting transformation is a huge opportunity. Many of our customers:

  • Do not have enough time to scan through all companies working on solutions.
  • Do not have the budgets for teams & data to model the potential impact of a solution on the world and on a company’s revenue
  • Struggle to quickly narrow down solutions by searching for specifics attributes within climate solution companies
  • Find it difficult to understand the reduction potential of a solution

Institutional Investor Grade

Investment managers all over the world rely on 15Rock Solutions to solve their difficult portfolio climate problems. From private equity and venture capital firms in the private markets to major asset managers in the public markets depend on15Rock’s unique solutions.

  • Global Coverage - advanced machine learning scans over 86k public companies across over 77 exchanges
  • 315 definitive scence-backed climate solutions
  • Filter even further with your own custom search terms (even match multiple words with multiple solutions for the ultimate customized results)
  • Filter results by sector, industry, and dozens of factors related to the solution and company
  • Solutions are curated by a team of global analysts to ensure the dataset yields the best results
You are in full control

You can filter and customize the results easily within our platform to buildyour proprietary investable universe or simply research for your investmentteams.

Built for impact

We've worked with a lot of companies. As practitioners, we understand how difficult it is to find the best deal flow for our portfolio and how to optimize portfolios to balance climate solutions against existing benchmarks.

Proven Team

We have a senior team and advisors that have in-depth portfolio management experience.

State of Art

Our approach of using state-of-the-art AI technology and our highly proprietary dataset to match companies with peer-reviewed, scientificallyvalidated solutions is backed by Harvard and other academic research.

Don't wait years for updates

Our database is updated weekly to ensure you always have thenewest/cutting-edge information and never miss a beat.

Cost effective

For less than the cost of a single software engineer, you can have a platformthat scans 86k companies worldwide in over 77 exchanges that you can gainaccess to via public markets. 8.6x the coverage of any alternative.