15Rock Launches Groundbreaking AI-Powered Tool for Sustainable Business Practices
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September 11, 2023
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15Rock Launches Groundbreaking AI-Powered Tool for Sustainable Business Practices

15Rock releases free climate reporting solution

A transformative leap in climate risk reporting: 15Rock's tool simplifies alignment with global sustainability standards

Toronto, Canada — As businesses worldwide strive to adapt to an environmentally conscious landscape, 15Rock is taking a significant step forward. The company is proud to announce the launch of its AI-powered reporting tool, a pioneering solution designed to streamline the complex process of climate risk reporting and facilitate compliance with international sustainability standards.

"Climate change presents new challenges and opportunities for businesses," commented Gautam Bakshi, CEO at 15Rock. "Our tool is purposed to assist businesses in understanding and managing these challenges, providing clear, actionable insights into climate risk reporting and compliance with critical standards such as TCFD, ISSB, and CSRD."

The effectiveness of 15Rock's tool is already evident within the industry. A notable case involves a major global retailer that successfully utilised the tool to optimise their supply chain transparency efforts. As a result, they were able to monitor their progress in aligning with environmental standards and formulate a bespoke decarbonisation pathway.

Beyond mere compliance, the tool provides a framework for businesses, investors, and sustainability professionals to foster sustainable growth. It offers robust insights that enable stakeholders to take informed, proactive measures towards sustainability. This transformative development is reshaping the approach towards sustainable business practices.

For more information about 15Rock's tool and how it can aid your business in aligning with environmental standards, visit Climate reporting and follow links to sign up for free or sign up directly at https://app.15rock.com/signup

About 15Rock

As a leader in sustainable business practices, 15Rock is committed to offering innovative solutions that support businesses in their journey towards environmental sustainability and long-term growth. The company's AI-powered tool is a testament to their dedication to facilitating a new era of sustainable business operations.