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15Rock Appoints Phil Kaye as VP Of Sales!

15Rock welcomes Phil Kaye to the team as VP of Sales!

15Rock is pleased to announce Phil Kaye who is joining the team as the Vice President of Sales, Business Development, and Partnerships!

Based in British Columbia, Canada, we are lucky to have someone with 13 years of experience in the environmental sales industry. Phil will support the team by evaluating, optimizing, and bringing in new product channels. He will interact with clients directly and lead the marketing staff, bringing in new opportunities for 15Rock to build income channels and partnerships.

Before joining 15Rock, Phil formerly worked as a sales growth specialist for firms such as SydneyPLUS (enterprise KM systems), Eco-Products, ENSO Plastics, One Tree Planted,  Engage Spark, and other groups. He also helped sustainability-focused ventures acquire funding for projects.

Phil is passionate about sustainability, growing his interest and expertise in transition analysis, NetZero, and ESG initiatives.

“Phil's impressive experience in sustainability for over a decade highlights his commitment to helping the planet and companies transition to more sustainable ways of doing business. We are excited to have him on the team,” said 15Rock CEO Gautam Bakshi.

Find Phil on LinkedIn.

15Rock is a climate analytics company offering environmental databases and NetZero progress tracking.  Our environmental database contains information about what companies are doing to lessen their environmental impacts, as well as how they compare to other big industries in terms of strictly performance measures like carbon emissions.

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