Results-Driven ESG That You Can Count On
Customize and run targeted reports to create additional value for your clients and stakeholders through real-time ESG updates from top global brands and your portfolio companies.
Let’s Simplify ESG’s Impact on Return Analysis
Realign your priorities for more high-yield returns
Spend more time on what you do best, and build efficient processes that can yield higher client returns.
Gather data in just a few clicks
Tired of hours spent on confusing and incongruent data points? Put time back into your day and reduce the hours spent mining for data.
Monitor your risk effectively
Don’t miss a single step and give your clients a world-class experience. Centralize your process and avoid lost time and confusion across multiple sheets, documents, and reports.
Consult in confidence

Historically, ESG has been difficult to understand and often contradictory. 15Rock cuts above the noise with clear, standardized data that you can rely on. Finally, explain the scoring and value in confidence.

We Solve Your Every-Day ESG Analysis Issues

We do not factor in ESG as much as we like because we do not truly understand what is behind the climate statements.
Fund Manager, top 3 Canadian Asset Manager
The tool is so flexible, it can be used for projects as well as monitor supply chain changes.
ESG Manager
This platform is great - We do not have to manage hundreds of excel files, which makes comparable analysis much quicker.
Fund Manager, Major global Green Bond Fund

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15Rock Gives You Targeted Insights
in 3 Simple Steps
  • Automated portfolio onboarding to save you hours of manual scouring
  • White glove service for 1:1, manual you the confidence you need to thrive
  • Regular progress updates are given in live time, giving you the most up-to-date data possible.
  • Live Analysis of UN SDG, related project KPIs and securities so that you can work confidently
  • Creation of a simplified approach that aligns with the flow of all major ESG frameworks
  • Data-driven and formulated for easy use in any pre-existing analytical framework
  • Generate tailored reports, giving you the information you need in seconds.
  • Export data for upload into your favorite analytical tools or CRM
  • Share raw data with anyone you need to keep in the know - in just a few clicks.
Collect and learn
Encourage wide-scale ESG reporting by inviting your portfolio companies to report. It’s 100% free and easy to do
Get real-time updates on company KPIs, and enjoy automatic retargeting of your portfolio’s impact progress
Experience a white glove onboarding process for automated and seamless onboarding
Benefit from our machine learning-driven system to get the insights you need in seconds — every time
Analyze and prioritize
Get portfolio-level and fund of funds insights in one screen across asset classes.
Enjoy AI-driven deep research and data-inclusive forecasts
Export data in seconds through our API x Excel plugin to implement into your current tech stack
Address transition risks quickly for higher overall yield
Leverage investor-only Q & A portals for quick answers to any question that you have
Manage your risks by joining other impact investors to gauge and vote on company questions and project ideas
Suggest projects or goals to companies to create a more targeted and widespread impact
Report in seconds to clients and internal stakeholders, amplifying your impact and utility in a single, seamless solution
Our Benefits
Highly scalable accross investors with a few holdings in a single fund to asset managers with hundreds of funds
Simple/flexible model that aligns to various reporting frameworks
White glove service to help you get moving if you hit any roadblocks
Endless integration opportunities across your firm and into pre-existing frameworks for effortless analysis and data compilation
Crafted by industry leaders with over 20 years of financial market leadership and experience
Harness the power of a single, centralized system over fragmented, inaccurate databases
Save costs with our free tier system. Get started with everything you need to manage transition risk.
Begin creating impact today in tangible ways working in tandem with companies like yours - fueling your risk management opportunities.
This would save my team hours of time managing excel and meeting with companies to chase data for our LPs so my analyst can focus on investment research.
MD Private Equity, Major Insurance Firm
ESG is the third pillar of investing. Risk/Return being the other two. As ESG affects the other two the relationship is non-linear which increases complexity
ESG Analyst/Fixed Income Portfolio manager